About Us: Quite Simply a Better Way to Search.

At POP Watchers we have big ambitions driven by a simple goal, to offer an intuitive way for savvy consumers to find popular products from popular sites. With this short and sweet mantra, we have quickly discovered how complex this task can actually be. Then how are we able to continue making POP Watchers the best consumer search site, you ask? We simply focus on the three most important parts: Customers, Partners & Design.

Have We Met Before... Our Customer Commitment.

We like you. Seriously! We may not have met yet but we want you to know that we put you first. We know that making our customers top priority is the way to make a powerful and personalized search experience. So we begin by gaining an honest understanding of our customers. We know that our customers want to be able to use the power of the Internet to find products with real value. We also know value goes beyond the most affordable price. It's an individualized combination of needs, wants, product types, brand names, price & popularity. We have created a simple search reinforced by advanced options to provide our customers the ability to truly customize their search for value.

Very Popular Friends... Our Valued Partners.

We get to work with some great people, by that we mean great partner sites! Being able to search all of the most popular sites in one easy way ensures our customers are able to get to the great stuff quicker. We like that idea. We've partnered with sites such as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy, Zappos, Oodle, & Bonanzle. Having these great relationships is only the first part. As with our customers, we work to understand each partner site. We ourselves are avid seekers, online shoppers and internet researchers. We use this background to review each partner website to really understand how their products are organized, categorized and presented. You may have noticed that we're quite big on understanding.

Interface-to-Face... Great Design.

If POP Watchers were a person we would want to be a memorable person. We want to make sure when you find us online our interface makes a great impression. We dare to be bright. We dare to be bold. Deceptively simple yet with a subtle complexity. These are just a few of the interesting adjectives that we've used to guide us in designing POP Watchers. Our design is specifically focused on promoting a positive search experience for you. We know that in the end you will make your purchases through one of our partner sites but we want you to remember how you got there.

Team: Passionate People

POP Watchers is more than just an amazing website! There is an equally amazing team that works behind the scenes to make all of this possible. We want you to know just a few of these great people.

Michelle Waldorf - Founder and Chief Watcher of Great Stuff

Michelle is at heart a researcher of wonderful things. From the multitude of available distractions on the Internet, Michelle is able to find the proverbial cream of the crop. Popular sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon are just a few of her favorite web destinations. In between these furious finding sessions she also runs the eBay search site, www.WatchedItem.com.


Vitalii Tomkiv - Developer Extraordinaire

Making the web work well is a special science. Making the web beautiful is an equally special art. Making all of this look easy... well you need a very special kind of developer. Fortunately Vitalii just happens to be this kind of developer! How does he do it? Gracefully combining contemporary technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (AJAX) & CSS is a big part of it. The other part... well that's his secret.

Carbon - www.hellocarbon.ca

The day we said "Hello" to James Carless at Carbon was a great moment for us. Our sites became magically beautiful and memorable, our confusion about colors and typography lifted, our fear of color abated. Thank you, Carbon!

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